College is Real’s goal is to have as many students as possible at Richmond High graduate from college.

College is Real students at DropboxAt Richmond High, the college application rate has been low and the college attendance rate has been extremely low relative to the State average.

As a privately operated program, CIR maximizes success through its full-time, dedicated on-campus staff, actively-engaged mentor program, ability to generate financial and volunteer resources and highly-qualified board leadership.

Over time, CIR may elect to offer its program to other high schools in the Bay Area starting with nearby high schools in order to maximize management efficiencies. CIR’s program is transportable to other schools, particularly those with a large Latino student body.

CIR believes it has achieved outstanding results as follows and has raised its goals given its success since inception.

College is Real Program Goals

The key goals and results of the program are as follows:

College is Real Program Goals

College is Real kids